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Agave Liquors Tastings


We offer Tequila, Mezcal, Raicilla and Sotol tastings. Join us on a journey of the senses as you sample the very best our collection has to offer. Our knowledgeable staff are there to guide you through each tasting experience, sharing insights and stories behind every pour.


At store 

There is no need to make an appointment, just visit one of our stores and you will get your personalized tasting


Schedule a private tasting for your party, wedding or event. A member of our staff will immerse you and your group in a special distillate experience 


Check out some Google reviews of our tastings at Agave Liquors. Customers rave about the unique flavors and the friendly, knowledgeable staff who guide them through an authentic Mexican tasting experience. 

In Store Tasting

David D.

"This place is phenomenal. Knowledgeable and accommodating. Our group of 4 wandered in and decided to do a tasting for 3 people. 90 minutes later we left with fabulous tequilas, knowledge and memories. One of the most memorable things we did in Puerto Vallarta. If you want to get an education on Tequila, Mezcal and Raicilla go here."

Store tasting

Charles S

"The whole experience was educational, fun and well worth the cost of the tasting. Their passion for the art of making tequila and mezcal shines through as they take you on a flavor adventure. If you are a lover of high quality spirits of any kind, make sure to stop by and try some out. You won't want to come home empty-handed."

Kailee S.

"We had an excellent tasting experience at Agave Liquors during our visit to PV. Our guide was incredibly knowledgeable! We did a mezcal tasting and left with a bottle we are excited to try back home. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a tequila, mezcal or raicilla tasting!"

Adam K.

"We had a fantastic raicilla tasting with Diego! We learned so much about the process, and got to try different varieties from the coastal and mountain regions.

I'd highly recommend this place for a tasting because not only do you learn a ton and get to try a lot of different varieties, but everything you try can also be purchased in the store!"

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